We are happy to introduce you to our dedicated community trainers.


At HealthyMe HealthyWe, there is no one trainer fits all.  While each of our trainers is a little different, one thing remains the same, they are passionate about helping you stay healthy and active. Learn more about them and how they transformed their lives through exercise, nutrition and active play.

Meet Ken

Hello everyone my name is Ken Neissen and I have been a Zumba instructor for over six years.  My journey began over eight years ago when I was urged by my doctor to get up and get healthy.  I found a Zumba class and fell in love with the music and movements.  It inspired me to help others.  It is wonderful to hear about all the stories from my students and how we have made improvements in ourselves together.  They keep me inspired.  My class features several levels of intensity that is perfect for either a first time student to the most experienced.   

Meet Denise

Theresa Schoultz (Denise) has been teaching zumba for over 8.5 years. She is licensed in Zumba, kids Zumba, Zumba Gold and Pound Fit. She has received her AFAA training. Denise has been a physical education teacher for SAISD for 33 years and has recently retired. She has been on the health collaborative team from the start. She enjoys meeting new people and loves the free fitness that is offered through Health Collaborative and the Fit Family Challenge!

Meet Liza
Meet Lori

Lori is currently one of the Kid Fitness trainers.  This is her fourth summer working with Fit Family Challenge.  Lori started taking dance classes when she was 3 years old to correct damage done after a broken leg.  She fell so in love with Dance that she never stopped.  After training for three years she volunteered in Ireland teaching dance at local youth clubs.      After spending 3 years overseas, and meeting her now husband, they both moved back to the states.  Lori continued to teach all different styles of dance including tap, hip hop, jazz, and ballet.  In 2012 she got certified to teach Zumba.  Lori started with health collaborative in 2013 as a substitute and very shortly after found out she was pregnant.  She decided to take the Kid fit classes that were offered for Fit Family Challenge, because teaching Zumba through the summer pregnant would have been miserable.  Lori fell in love with teaching Kid Fit though and got certified to teach Zumba kids classes the following year.  "Zumba for adults is fun, but teaching kids is where my heart is.. Plus they are way more fun!"

Meet Paulo

My name is Paulo Villarreal and I will be teaching Zumba for almost 6 years. I feel honored to be a part of this team and have all these amazing students who work towards having a better life. Thanks to Zumba I have met a lot of great people who have impacted my life in different ways and I am happy to be a part of their process to lead a healthier life.

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